Jungle Confections

Sparkle and Fade

I promise it's NOT THAT HEAVY... that always seems to be the first question I get asked about my necklaces!!

Hanneli. LOVE this outfit. It's got that irony thing going, look at the Miu Miu collar! (source: Hanneli.com)


I just want this. My laptop is so banged up. I don't understand people who have pristine laptops.

I don't "just" want this. I YEARN for this. YSL arty ring. I've been trying to figure out how to make rings, but they seem like the biggest challenge to make, of all jewelry. Let me know if you have tips.

I think the name I’ll dub this latest necklace is The Jungle. I will post pictures of the outfit I made with it hopefully, but I’ll give you a precursor: I’m planning on wearing The Jungle Necklace with my graphic painterly printed green/brown/goldish tunic, black tights, black suede platforms, sparkly earrings, laramar ring, Michael Kors chunky gold watch, and my new fur gilet. [ It was apparently around $900 at a boutique, but the woman wanted to get rid of it so badly that the consignment shop bought it from her for… $25. !!! STEAL!!! It was SO worth my dad’s money talk later that night… “COLLEGE BOOKS” etc etc. sigh. .. 🙂 ] I also have worn the gilet with a Free People Wool-Tweed sweatercoat, leggings and lace knee socks with my cognac riding boots. Yum.

I think my style is morphing (temporarily? FOREVER?!?!?!) from exceedingly feminine to … bohemian. Who would have guessed?! It is probably partly influenced by the weather… it’s hard to look girly with 16 layers on. I prefer to stay warm in my leggings layered under my boyfriend bleached/ripped jeans and two chunky clashing sweaters… And a scarf.

Okay, so look for a post soon about “irony” in fashion!!! I’ve been reading the book by Amanda Brooks called “I ❤ Your Style,” and she talks about ironic fashion a lot. Examples are Chanel and Prada. I’ll elaborate later… for now I am going to work on my resume for Anthropologie, especially the cover letter I’m crafting for it…! 🙂 Wow, it sounds like I’m trying to score a job in the upper ranks… but like I said, I’d be happy as can be polishing the floors there. I would live there, really. The atmosphere instantly turns my somber winter mood into an inspired (and cozy) one!

<333 Leslie


About Leslie

I'm just a girl, little old me I live in Minneapolis. I go to school at the U of M. That makes me sound like everyone else :) However... I am full of conversation, to the point that I HAD to start a blog to keep all my thoughts about fashion straight, and more importantly, to connect with all of YOU and my fellow bloggers! I can't wait to share pictures and stories. PS. WARNING: my camera sucks. One day, hopefully SOON, I will be obtaining a lovelier instrument.
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