March of the Morels

FINALLY got this one finished! Prisma colors, my own clothing designs, and pictures derived from friends' facebooks.. CREEPY right???

This drawing is based off of this concept for a collection I came up with last summer. It’s called “March of the Morels.” haha! It’s sort of silly… but I like the idea of Gypsy moths, they’re these odd insects/tree disease. They slowly kill trees, elms included, and once the elm is dead and fallen over etc. etc., morel mushrooms can start to grow! (So if you want to go Morel hunting, look underneath dead elm trees!!) I like that death/life concept, how cyclical the world really is. Odd, I was just reading something about fashion that was using the term “cyclical” …

I’m up way too late for a sick person.

<333 Leslie


About Leslie

I'm just a girl, little old me I live in Minneapolis. I go to school at the U of M. That makes me sound like everyone else :) However... I am full of conversation, to the point that I HAD to start a blog to keep all my thoughts about fashion straight, and more importantly, to connect with all of YOU and my fellow bloggers! I can't wait to share pictures and stories. PS. WARNING: my camera sucks. One day, hopefully SOON, I will be obtaining a lovelier instrument.
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