Tout a coup

Jessica Sczohr from Gossip Girl. I know, I totally butchered her last name. But anyway, I used oil pastel for the chocolate cake. Mmmm.

I thought this was really cool because of the color contrasts! My purple sick eye circles totally complement the greens and blues in the background. ;D

Color class... these are modules I painted/cut out on Bristol paper. Lotus Eater wants to samply one of these designs for their posters, as they are having an upcoming show at the Triple Rock of Feb. 3rd, for the release of their latest CD!

Love this one... I'm pretty sure it got a B, but it's my favorite, nonetheless. Observe the use of seafoam green, my favorite color 🙂

It’s the second day back! Yay! / Boo, because I have drastically less time to attend to my artwork.

I decided that I’m going to draw the two pictures of Natalia Vodianova I posted in the entry before this one. She is irresistible, isn’t she?! She is my current muse, for sure. I’ve been watching the up-and-coming models, as well–Daphne Groeneveld is one I’ve noticed, as she graced the cover of Vogue Paris this January:

The thing is, though, she is only FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. Is it okay to be looking the way she looks on that cover? Probably doing underwear ads? I mean… she’s gorgeous. But is it ethical to be presenting a pubescent young lady in clothing worn by full-grown women? It definitely makes me feel like I have to measure up to an impossible standard. Nobody–I mean NOBODY–buying the clothes Daphne’s advertising will look as lanky or youthful. Where should we draw the line?

On the other hand, I should acknowledge the emergence of Doutzen Kroes, Lara Stone, Lara Stone look-a-likes (Bianca Jagger is a bit like her, there’s another blonde I can’t remember the name of who was the cover of Russh’s Take Me Home issue), and the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Dang, those girls are gorgeous, and they are real. They still one-up the general public, let’s be real, but their integrity to their sense of natural beauty and health is better received and, in my opinion, more effective when used to advertise!

Enough, Enough… j’en ai marre, et puis je commence a faire les dessins pour l’anniversaire de mon petit-ami! Il y a beaucoup de choses a faire tout a coup…

<333 Leslie


About Leslie

I'm just a girl, little old me I live in Minneapolis. I go to school at the U of M. That makes me sound like everyone else :) However... I am full of conversation, to the point that I HAD to start a blog to keep all my thoughts about fashion straight, and more importantly, to connect with all of YOU and my fellow bloggers! I can't wait to share pictures and stories. PS. WARNING: my camera sucks. One day, hopefully SOON, I will be obtaining a lovelier instrument.
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