Velvet and Garance

I'm diggin the bangs. They're so easy to manage!! Although it's -20, with not-a-chance of humidity...

Parisienne chic

A rare smile 😉 I feel like... Kate Moss and Jane Birkin's lovechild. ?

Mmmmm. Velvet.

I love how crisp these two elements look together. Is that a weird description?

WHOAAA, the pictures are HUGE!! I’m so sorry about the grainy/dark quality… I am too embarrassed to ask one of my roommates to take pictures for me, I’m sure they think I’m insane as it is… okay, I KNOW they think I am. “In a good way!!” … I ALWAYS get that “compliment.” Whatever, I guess I will embrace it. THAT is one thing I’m pretty sure will always be a part of me. Unlike dressing very feminine-ly; remember in my first post or my about me, where I described myself as irrevocably feminine and girly in my style? I really think that’s changing! I find that a lot of “girly” or frilly things are not that flattering… they don’t tend to drape all that well, because they’re so light/cottony a lot of the time.. or else they layer awkwardly… I love layers, I love mixing complicated patterns and textures, and I love appliques, but … I think I am soul-searching, finding a way to streamline these elements to project a more… streamlined style. I don’t think I used enough ellipses, do you? …. ………………..??? I am probably as bad with them as Garance Dore… and I love her blog, I love the fact that she and Scott Schuman are married, I love how personal she is with her readers… …. JEEZ!!! Anyway, she brightens my day with her humor, insight, and gorgeous visuals. I’m trying to read her French blog to brush up on my language skills, and I am doing pretty well, I am proud to say! 🙂 Check out her blog at, and check out Scott’s blog at Both of them are greatly responsible for the explosion of fashion blogging in recent times!

That’s all for now. HA, I restrained myself!! Anyway, I have loads of french homework (hooray!) and artwork to conquer. I’m getting nervous I won’t have time for anything this semester!!! One must plow onwards, I suppose.

<333 Leslie


About Leslie

I'm just a girl, little old me I live in Minneapolis. I go to school at the U of M. That makes me sound like everyone else :) However... I am full of conversation, to the point that I HAD to start a blog to keep all my thoughts about fashion straight, and more importantly, to connect with all of YOU and my fellow bloggers! I can't wait to share pictures and stories. PS. WARNING: my camera sucks. One day, hopefully SOON, I will be obtaining a lovelier instrument.
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