Of course I post instead of doing French exercises…

Valentine's day outfit! Leifsdottir mini jacket, DIY'd urban outfitters sheer lace top, Gap sports bra (DIG IT.), H&M black skirt, LOFT black tights, ASOS black wedge booties, MK watch, Frozen Firework necklace (by Leslie)

Frozen Firework UP CLOSE!

Love the bird print on the inside of the Leifsdottir jacket


Andrew's birthday present. Jeff Buckley!!! It's acrylic paint, prisma color markers ❤ and pen and pencil!

Here are some of my FAVORITE runway looks

ahh... i can't remember if this was Jen Kao.. pretty sure it was... FW 2011. So CrAzY!!!

SEXY. mermaid... it's like Ursula on the runway... an emaciated Ursula. The real one was HEFTEH

OH MY GOD.... yes. Diesel Black Gold label's flares look SO SEXY. i want to be in them NOW. and cranberry is such a gorgeous color. I also love love love the detailing that resembles corset boning on the top. and it's leather... mmmmm... ASLKFJLSKJF. gimme gimme.

oops, can't remember the designer... but i'm going to be vain for a moment and say that this color would go quite nicely with my hair color!

YES. #1 fav so far. I mean.... look at this. Sophisticated fur, bleached hair that i could NEVER pull off... those insane leggings tights what?? (Sheer pants are a thing on the fall runways. who would've thought....)

Another diesel look. (I think. Oh God, I hope I'm saying the right names. In respect to the designers. Ultimately I don't care where the design is from--I just want to credit the right people!!!)

So… I’ve been squeezing in time to watch all the shows for Fall Fashion Week! It’s insane how many shows there are… just in the US!!! I mean… Paris and Milan haven’t had their heyday yet!!! I can’t imagine the stress everyone in the industry is dealing with right now… I feel like one of those weirdos who has parasocial relationships with the media… you know, those crazies who talk about talk show hosts on TV like they are friends? But hey. I am nineteen years old. I’ve got some time to build up the resume and the collection of Celine bags (HAHA…) before I should feel pressured to launch myself into a career in the industry!

(PS… Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson are debuting a line of handbags for The Row FW 2011 collection, and they said that the bags are on par with Celine’s and Hermes’. And that the pricing will be at a similar level. Personally, if I’m going to throw down $20,000 on some sack, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be from an established and reputable house … and recognizable … designer. If I spent the equivalent to a mortgage on some arm candy… people are going to get that label rubbed in their faces. Then again, when money isn’t a big deal to you, it’s not like you’re going to feel so obligated to carry something around that boasts the price tag. …Okay, time to do my homework.)

PPS … I’m so Garance right now. Look at all of my ellipses and PS’s… and I’m talking about French stuff… Je suis obsedee.

<333 C’est tout pour ce moment! Leslie


About Leslie

I'm just a girl, little old me I live in Minneapolis. I go to school at the U of M. That makes me sound like everyone else :) However... I am full of conversation, to the point that I HAD to start a blog to keep all my thoughts about fashion straight, and more importantly, to connect with all of YOU and my fellow bloggers! I can't wait to share pictures and stories. PS. WARNING: my camera sucks. One day, hopefully SOON, I will be obtaining a lovelier instrument.
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