6.5-oz cookies, 18 inches of snow

Distortion Fashion Show 2011. Walking in Kathryn V designs

Photoshoot for the FAB magazine. Hauties!!

I love this peekaboo picture. The hair just MAKES IT.Also, the orange chair plus this chick's hairdo = Fall 2011 colors. ...? (See Sass and Bide)This picture makes me laugh. This was an acting major!

This reminds me of Lady GaGa kind of, I don't know why. The insane eye makeup, maybe? It was the first time I'd ever worn falsies. Such a weird sensation... J. Lo uses mink false eyelashes..?!?!

Doin da hairrr for the show.

Kathryn, you are amazing! Leslie, your camera skills are not amazing!

The Distortion Fashion show finally happened! Hooray!!! It was a long ordeal–Friday night rehearsal, Saturday 7 a.m. makeup and hair, photo shoot, home to nap, back again by 3, two shows at 5 and 8, and then cleanup and go home. I passed out on the couch immediately upon arriving at a friend’s house.

Class was canceled yesterday, which was wonderful! A great day for catchup on homework. We had literally a foot and a half of snow dumped on our state. Who hates Minnesota so much?? WHO!?!

Trying to keep my chin up… literally, so I don’t suffocate in a lurking snowdrift, and metaphorically, so I stay happy and on top of my game during the wait for spring! I’ve been daydreaming about moving to Northern California as soon as possible… or else somewhere with more moisture, sunlight, and less snow. (Which is most likely anywhere besides here…) I love Minnesota for so many reasons, it just kills me every winter season around this time of year. Why can’t we become like bears and just hibernate our way through January and February?

I haven’t had much time at all for creative activities. It’s sad. I hope that I will be able to get back to my art soon. Spring break is a mere three weeks away (after an onslaught of midterm papers and tests)!!!

In the meantime, I recommend you try THIS cookie:

(as seen on cakespy.com) The brand is Carol's Cookies. These are 4" in diameter. They are 6-8 oz... SO. Prepare yourself for a feast. It's totally worth it; they taste absolutely amazing.. and just wait till you get to the middle, where it's all dense and chocolatey.. mmm. They sell these at Whole Foods or at carolscookies.com!


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