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Net-a-Porter: Nivea Contest

Net-a-Porter: Nivea Contest
Net-a-Porter: Nivea Contest by Gingercookie91 featuring wrapped jewelry

This ensemble is almost as lustrous as one’s skin after it’s experienced NIVEA!

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The comings of spring…

Finally, some beautiful weather has graced this forsaken state. Just as I was about to stuff my worldly possessions into my Marc By Marc Jacobs bag (aka Ol’ Dusty) and hitch-hike my way to Cali, the sun came around!

The school year is coming to a close, and I’m happy with where I’m at. I’ve been earning steady high grades, writing for the FAB magazine, making more time for myself to illustrate, and am starting to turn my focus onto summer goals.


1. Learn html coding and Adobe design programs 2. Take more time to set up photoshoots (with a tripod or a sister to help, since selfie shots are embarrassing me more and more by the day. I willingly acknowledge that my pictures are selfies. It hurts my ego so, so badly. Anyway..) 3. Save up that cash and purchase the YSL Arty Ring (turquoise, coral or lapis–IN THAT ORDER OF PREFERENCE!!!) 4. Illustrate / draw and experiment with several mediums and stroke styles 5. Commissioned jewelry and illustrations–find clients who’d benefit from my work! 6. Design and create more jewelry 7. Collect as much vintage-y, crystal-y, chunky jewelry… to be made into jewelry/accessories and embellishments! Along with studs and spikes. 8. Write songs! **IN FRENCH. 9. Record youtube videos of myself singing my written songs, to send to Garance Dore in hopes that she will be so wooed by my skills that she will take me in as her intern…

My father suggest that I’m too ambitious 🙂 But that’s how it should be when you’re young!

Writing down those goals helps solidify them. I’m all the more determined now.

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Style Influencer: Chiara Ferragni Contest

Style Influencer: Chiara Ferragni Contest
Style Influencer: Chiara Ferragni Contest by Gingercookie91 featuring suede pumps

This look centers around iconic designs by YSL, Gucci, the up-and-coming designer, Mary Katrantzou, and of course, Chiara Ferragni and her shoe designs! This jet-set outfit is professional and doesn’t require “costume change” when leaving one place and flying in someplace else. Despite one’s fatigue after a grueling plain ride, these clothes’ polish and sharp yet comfortable tailoring more than mask any signs of weariness!

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future drawings and inspiration!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I could not upload some pictures, but I’m going to be combining outfits from these photos with faces of friends. I’m trying to work with mixed media more now, as well.

I have a few different illustration collaborations coming up, which I’m very excited about!

I’ll update again soon with a few more outfits and a picture of my Natalia Vodianova illustration. Enjoy the weather!!!!

<333 Leslie

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Outfits and art, and the weather is warming!

this is the start of my drawing... this is for my feature in the FAB Magazine for May.

finished product! done in mechanical/graphite pencil.

self-made necklace. Needs a bit of a repair job after getting knocked off of my neck, thanks to a particularly clumsy guy friend. Rob, you get me every time.

Business in the front, ... party... underneath? Anthro wool ruffled blazer, LOFT black tights, F21 black faux-suede platforms, HM skirt

Tights and wedge sandals. This look works best when the sandals and tights are of contrasting shades. (this rule applies for socks, as well. YES. SANDALS AND SOCKS ARE OKAY. BUT DON'T LET THAT GET TO YOUR HEAD.) Frye wedges, self-made vest.

KISS ME NOW. Speaking of blatant sexual solicitation, I was feeling the Dolce & Gabbana look... think the lace and leopard combo AND the lace and sequined/crystal-embellished 2010/11 looks. Their FW 2010, SS '10 and SS '11 have been spot-on. Not sure about FW this year though. A bit much for me. Check out the Tory Butch flats. NEVER TOO MUCH SPARKLE.

Let's pull a Man Repeller and chuck on a fur gilet, two scarves, leopard print, and flowery shoes. Anthro ballet flats, LOFT leggings, F21 lace dress, vintage leopard scarf, MK watch.

Top of the seven-layer cake--my beloved Anthropologie coat. Seriously EVERY TIME I GO OUT, someone says something about it to me. Best purchase ever made, probably best that ever WILL be made. Funny thing is, my mom has NO IDEA I bought it... long story. (There are many "long stories" of that nature...)

COLOR BLOCK with unexpected shades, like fire-engine red and nude. F21 nude pumps, Hue red tights, Anthro gray dress, self-made flower necklace.

I still have leftover beads from this necklace... what should I do with them?!

Another "best purchase ever" item--this lovely mini!

Anthro cardi, fur gilet. It's warmer than it was, but I still need to work the layers.

My first halfway cute outfit that I've worn all year to work at the Gopher Express. Seriously, it's nearly impossible to look not-hideous at this job. :/

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[Insert a stupid catchphrase cleverly incorporating “sheer”]

mmmm can it please be nice outside so i can wear these lovelies!?!?! Tory Burch flats

sheer ROMANCE. H&M striped mini dress, vintage sheer T

my lovely toothbrush adds such dimension to this composition. ..

this shirt doesn't seem capable of wrinkling, despite what it's been through!

I want to go blonder, but maybe I should go redder, as seen in this shot. I can't ever decide! And I'm sick of hearing "DON'T TOUCH YOUR HAIR" !!!

added some accesories. Opal charm, Tiffany mini-heart, teardrop pearl necklace. Citizen watch. Rose ring

I kept referring to this outfit all night as "a vomit of patterns." That it is. Eyeshadow tunic, wet seal leopard leggings (! this outfit is so cheap-chic..), j. crew black cardigan (ah, that's better...), charm necklaces, Michael Kors watch, Spring lace-up boots inspired by the SS '11 Pucci boots. See older posts for pictures of Pucci runway SS '11 :-).

In case you weren't nauseated quite enough, I threw on another layer of print and texture with my all time favorite scarf (from Anthropologie). Also, I think the leopard print may be cheetah. ? Ugh. Whatever. LARGE WILD CAT PRINT, ok? PS, do I look like Victora Beckham in this picture? Imagine me weighing 60 lbs less, three shades tanner, and with a dark brown pixie cut. umm.

Bonjour, mes chers!

Last night I decided to dress a bit more bohemian, in the spirit of attending a party at the U of M student co-op! It was sooo, so fun. Everyone is so nice and creative there. Lots of people put up their artwork on the walls of the co-op, including me. Super fun to look at the variety of work! I’m getting excited for my gallery (to be shown at Espresso Royale in Mpls this summer, July-August)! I need to expand my body of work, for sure. I’m hoping to start taking my own photographs from which to work. I love drawing from pictures by greats like Meisel, Demarchelier, Helmut Newton etc. etc. … even newer guys like Scott, Tommy Ton, Garance… (she isn’t a guy, per se. But she pulls off the man clothes like none other.) .. but I don’t feel quite original when I do that.

Will be posting pictures soon of my finished drawing of Natalia Vodianova… she is my all time model-muse! This is the picture:

I’m so happy that the sun is peeking out this weekend. It doesn’t help me focus on the pile of homework coming my way, however.

Speaking of which…goodbye.

<333 Leslie

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