These are just a couple of my cravings


I’ve started this blog to talk about myself, my friends and colleagues, people whom I admire from afar, and things that INSPIRE me to become a better artist. I’ve been studying drawing/illustration since the age of not-quite-a-year-old, and in more recent years have integrated that skill with my love for fashion and the intricate development of personal style. My life plan (oh jeez) is to earn a degree at the U of M or CVA or MCAD (OH jeez) in illustration/fine art/drawing and a minor in fashion, moving over from previously only majoring in Apparel Design. (And before THAT, I spent my freshman year at Concordia College seeking to Live the Dream of an opera singer. I can scream pretty well, but that’s not the life I want.)

I’m sensitive, “crazy” (seriously, that is the most frequently used adjective to describe me…just.AWESOME.), passionate, and creative. My personal style is irrevocably feminine. No matter how hard I try to be grungy or punk or beach or street, etc., it always ends up looking either stupid or … irrevocably feminine. Anthropologie is my absolute icon of worship. I ultimately want to end up working for the company, be it visual merchandising or design directing/creative directing, designing… polishing the floors… cleaning the toilets…

So that’s me! WHO are YOU!?!?


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